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The Hants Shore Health Association was incorporated under the Nova Scotia Societies Act in November 1984. It is a registered charity with Revenue Canada and can therefore issue income tax receipts for donations.

Donations may be made to the Hants Shore Health Association,
5638 Highway 215, RR1 Newport, NS, B0N 2A0.
Please include your mailing address for your tax receipt.

Community donations and fund raising continue to be crucial to the long term success of the health centre. Thank you for your support!


The Hants Shore Community Health Centre is owned by the community through the Hants Shore Health Association (HSHA). All residents of the 14 communities from Upper Burlington to Tennecape are members of the HSHA, and thus are eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting and to be elected to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meets monthly to set direction for the health centre through its Policies, Strategic Plan and Annual Budget.

Dawn Allen


Dawn lives in Centre Burlington and is now semi-retired. Her working career mainly centered around making and working with maps of natural and cultural resources. Her parents and grandparents were from Cheverie and Riverside. Perhaps her sense of community and love of local history was shaped by her parents who owned and operated a general store for over 30 years. Besides local volunteer work (Burlington Hall, Riverside cemetery) her time and interests are largely focused on family and friends, music, gardening, the protection of our rural environment and enhancing our collective sense of community.

Sonja Edgar

I was born in the Netherlands and came to Canada with my parents and 2 brothers in 1953. I went to school here and finished grade 11. ( grade 12 was not offered in the county where we lived)From there I worked in the bank all the while learning and picking up the language. I married and had 3 children who gave us 12 grand children. I became widowed in 2006. In 2010 I married a wonderful man who grew up in Summerville and had been away from the shore but returned and took me with him. I have thoroughly enjoyed living in Summerville, meeting friendly people, many who like me enjoy good ole country music, I even picked up the ukulele. I too am grateful for the great services and programs the health community provides. So perhaps I can be of service serving on its board.

Ginette Banville

Ginette retired after owning a Property Management Company in Calgary. She bought a home in Cheverie to be near her daughter, son in law and her four young grandchildren.
She joined the Board in 2016 to meet new people and to become an active member in the Community. Since then she has seen what an asset the Health Centre is.
Ginette is currently working with the Fund Raising Committee and is enjoying meeting the wonderful people along the Hants Shore she now calls Home.

Margaret Horne

I grew up in Bridgetown in the fifties and sixties. Over the last 50 years I have been employed by the Dartmouth Music Department (Secretary to the Director) and the Dartmouth Continuing Education Department (teaching various adult education courses) and after moving to Windsor I concluded my working careers/experiences working for the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union for over twenty (20)years (as an Employee Relations Officer) while continuing to teach adults with the continuing Education Department in Windsor. I retired from the Union in 2011. Over forty (40) years ago I purchased a property in Bramber where I spend most of my time working outdoors, gardening, walking the shores, swimming and traveling. I enjoy doing design work, crafts, carpentry, cooking, music, and hanging out with my family and friends. I believe the skills I have learned over the past years can be an asset to the Hants Shore Community Health Centre.

Kelly and Steven Brown

Steven and Kelly live in Centre Burlington. They moved here in 2014 and although their first winter gave them a run for their money they have never regretted the decision. Steven is a Crew Leader for a spray foam company in Burnside and Kelly is a Project Manager for a large office supply company. Steven is often seen tinkering around the yard fixing one thing or another while the chickens follow him around. Kelly enjoys hosting Sunday dinner for her large family and having her nephews and nieces come visit on weekends.

Colleen Terfry

Lloyd Anthony

Jim Meikle

I was born and raised in a small farming community in Saskatchewan. As a young man I joined the RCN and went on to retire after 33 years as a Marine Engineering Technician. I moved to Center Burlington with my wife and children in 1987 and I still reside there today.

Marshall Zuern



Involved and active healthy communities.


To work with the community to identify and respond to individual and community wellness needs by providing access to quality health and social programs and services.


We believe in:


Every community member is welcome to be involved be involved regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity and ability.


Services and programs are provided based on the needs of our communities and the best available evidence.

Building individual capacity

Individuals and communities are supported in managing their own health.


Everyone is treated with compassion, dignity and respect.


Integrity, honesty and ethical behavior are the cornerstones of caring relationships.

Bylaws of the Hants Shore Health Association - pdf


Sustainable operational funding for the health centre

Key activities:

Work in partnership with the federation of community health centres to advocate for a sustainable operational funding model
Continue to access grant and other special funding opportunities to address health association priorities

Key indicators of success:

Implementation of a sustainable funding model in partnership with Capital Health and/or the Nova Scotia Department of Health
Number of grants


Sustainable and accessible primary health care services

Key activities:

Develop and implement a recruitment and retention strategy for physicians
Develop and implement a strategy to acquire funding for, recruit and retain appropriate nursing services
Strengthen the staff and physician team by clarifying roles and accountability relationships and implementing a team development process

Key indicators of success:

A physician recruitment strategy and nurse recruitment strategy have been developed
Appropriate nursing services are available through the health centre
Patient and satisfaction with access
Average wait time to see a physician or nurse
Clearly written and understood roles and accountability relationships among the staff and team.


Health promotion programs and services

Key activities:

Sustain health promotion programs that continue to meet identified community needs
Implement a regular chronic disease management clinics
Work with the people in our communities who experience significant barriers to accessing primary health care to support them in achieving optimal health

Key indicators of success:

Total number of health promotion programs
Frequency and number of chronic disease management (CDM) clinics
Number of participants involved in health promotion programs/CDM clinics
Participant satisfaction with health promotion programs/CDM clinics
Number and type of ways that we have worked with people who experience barriers to primary health care
Ways that barriers to access have been addressed

Hants Shore Health Association Strategic Plan 2008-2013

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